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How to Write on Fabric + DIY Fabric Gift Wrap Tutorial

With each hand lettered fabric piece I share, returns compliments followed by questions of how?!? One thing I LOVE about stretching my creativity is getting to share my process with others. You may be wondering just how to write on fabric, too. So follow the instructions bellow and I'll walk you through the steps for writing on fabric, which you can then turn into thoughtful gift wrap or anything else you can imagine. 

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How to Write on Mason Jars

DIY Project: Hand Lettered Mason Jars


You've been asking for more tutorials so here you go! I put together this tutorial on how to put your hand writing on mason jars just for you. This is just one of many new DIY tutorials coming to the blog so check back often. 

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DIY Floral Mobile for Nursery


Step by step directions to creating your very own Ethereal Nursery Mobile. This was a larger project (space wise) than most of my paper projects so I it took up the whole kitchen table. Luckily, this is an easy peasy craft so you'll 

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How I Turn Kraft Bags into the Perfect Gift Bags

Have a plain kraft bag in need of a facelift? Turn your paper bag into the perfect gift bag just by adding hand lettering and a matching bow. Bonus points if your lettering something occasion specific. Think 'Congrats!' for a graduation gift, 'love' for a wedding or anniversary gift, 'be mine' for Valentines Day, etc. This gift bag was made as part of a wedding gift hence the hearts and love!

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