How I Turn Kraft Bags into the Perfect Gift Bags

Have a plain kraft bag in need of a facelift? Turn your paper bag into the perfect gift bag just by adding hand lettering and a matching bow. Bonus points if your lettering something occasion specific. Think 'Congrats!' for a graduation gift, 'love' for a wedding or anniversary gift, 'be mine' for Valentines Day, etc. This gift bag was made as part of a wedding gift hence the hearts and love!

Here's what you'll need to get started:

-Kraft Paper Bag

-Black Sharpie Marker (I use oil based art Sharpies)

-Black Ribbon (appx. 10 inches long)



  1. Lay the bag flat and draw your design with the Sharpie. Allow the marker to dry a few minutes before flipping the bag over.
  2. Flip the bag and draw the same design on the back by folding the bottom flap back along the fold or by placing a few thick books into the bag. If you're going the book in the bag route, place a paper towel over the top cover just in case.
  3. Use the ribbon to tie a bow around the base of the handle on the front side of the bag. Or you use the ribbon to fasten a gift tag to the bag. Just hole punch a small piece of paper and your done.

TIP: If you're not use to hand lettering, thin lines are made on upstrokes and thick lines are made on down strokes. Just draw your word first then go back and darken all lines that are made when your pen heads to the bottom of the page - or in this case bag. {wink}

There are so many ways to DIY your own gift bag. If you want to use some brighter colored Sharpies, consider using a white paper bag otherwise they may look a bit muted on the kraft paper. How can you tailor this tutorial to make something all your own?

If you've given this DIY gift bag tutorial a try, I'd love to know how it turned out! Feel free to share details with us the comments! And in case you were wondering, you're welcome draw inspiration from these gift bag designs or just recreate them. We just ask that you do so for personal (and gifting) use only and do not resale them.


Now that you have the perfect gift bag, check out our selection of prints, cards and more to fill it with. Happy gift giving!