Be Inspired- With this Quote about Success


I heard a quote the other day by Tom Kelley of Ideo. He said, "Fail often so you can succeed sooner." Failure is funny like that. We don't want to fail, we don't aim to fail, but more often than not, failing is exactly what we have to do before we can succeed. {sigh} Most of us fight it. And for good reason. Failing at something, whether at work or in our relationships, can feel like a personal setback. Failure, or even the potential of failing, might just be enough to discourage us from trying again.

Of course, nobody ever sets out with the goal to fail. But as Tom points out, maybe we should... or rather maybe we should allow ourselves the freedom to fail so we have the room to grow.

If you're an entrepreneur (or one in the making) you know this all to well. I know I've had ups and downs with my handmade business... and not to mention a few flat out fails! {wink} But I've come to appreciate every failure for one reason: with every failed launch or product flop, I gain valuable market research.

And I wouldn't be anywhere near where I am today with my business if I didn't care enough to fail along the way. Ultimately, trying, failing and trying again has opened new doors I never would have known existed. This week I hope you'll embrace the insights you gain when something doesn't go quite as you had planned.

So what about you? Do you view failure as an opportunity or a setback? Or maybe both? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!