What's neon green, bright purple and charcoal brown?


So what IS neon green, bright purple and charcoal brown? Hmm... If you guessed the former wall colors of our new home, you'd be right. Last week I mentioned that we're moving to the burbs and in the process of making some changes to the place. Well, we're not finished, but we are making progress.

Most of the walls have new paint and the floors are finally installed! {yay} The walls in the main rooms were beige or grayish blue but the closets were crazy colors like neon green. Fun, but not our style {smile} We chose white for all the closets to make them feel bigger and look nice and clean... although the soap and water helped, too. For the walls we chose colors of coordinating blue and green hues. The thought was if we used a matching blue/green pallet throughout it would hopefully tie all the rooms together. And luckily it worked.

Home Closet Neon Green

But you know what really helps tie a house together? Floors. We ripped up the worn carpets in the bedrooms. Then we pulled up the gray colored laminates in the rest of the rooms. Now we have a matching butternut colored floor throughout. And now my friends, we can really start moving in. With our busy schedules, we are moving in "one load at a time" instead of all in a day. Our goal is to be moved in over the next few weeks. {fingers crossed}

In the meantime, I have plenty of wedding orders to keep me busy...

Raleigh Calligraphy

Like hand lettering these cute, two-piece place cards for a summer wedding this Saturday. If you're wondering where this lovely couple grabbed these place cards from, you can find them at Michael's craft stores. Plus I'll be addressing the wedding envelopes of another sweetheart couple. Their invitation suite from Arzberger is stunning.

Raleigh Calligraphy

Are any of y'all newlyweds or soon to be married? Well, Congrats! I'd love to hear what stationary you went with and how they came out. {Gorgeous, I'm sure!}