How to Make Opportunity Knock: Motivation for Bloggers, Brands and Businesses


As a small business owner I know that opportunity doesn't always come knocking. If you're a blogger or entrepreneur looking for opportunities, you may already know that you usually have to get out there and look for it. I mean, consider this: there are billions of people on the planet. Millions of people in your own backyard. That's a lot of doors to for opportunity to go a'knocking on. {wink} Simple math would tell you your odds of being first in line are slim to none. {sigh} So how do you stand out? How do you increase the odds?

Well one way is to put yourself out in the world, be seen, get heard. Set up a door right in front of Mr. Opportunity if you have to. And no, it's not wrong to go after your dreams with everything you've got. In the words of Mark Cuban, “It’s not about money or connections. It’s the willingness to outwork and outlearn everyone when it comes to your business.” There is a way to make noise without being obnoxious.

One thing I do as a blogger is feature content and products from incredible or inspiring people. It can be tedious at times, searching to find just the right fit for my brand and my blog. So when I get pitched by bloggers wanting to guest post*, industry pros looking to collaborate or entrepreneurs seeking features - it's not annoying, it's a relief! {wink} Assuming our visions are aligned, then the easier they make it to work with them, the easier it is to hit the ground running and push 'publish.' When you go looking for Mr. Opportunity, you save him -or her- the trouble of finding you. {smile}

This week RC&D will be hitting the pavement passing out one media kit after another across the central Carolinas. Call it finding opportunities or just plain hustling. {wink} And it's all about making it easier for others to do business with you. So don't wait to be found. Open the door before he knocks, stop him in the street and show him what you've got to offer. That's how you make your own opportunity. We all have obstacles in our lives, don't let one of them be you.

How do you make your own opportunities? How you stay motivated? If you have a favorite quote that helps you stay positive please share it below. You may even see it hand lettered on the blog. Oh and if you have a favorite place to shop let us know so we can get RC&D products on shelves near you.

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