Be Inspired: Picasso Said it Best


Pablo Picasso once said, "Everything you can imagine is real." I love this quote. Every time I hear it I'm reminded that potential is limitless. It makes me think about the extraordinary movers and shakers of the past; the dreamers with the "absurd" ideas. I get excited about ideas that break boundaries and can't even begin to fit inside "the box."

I was reading a children's book the other day...{awkward pause?} and the moral of the story was this: Big ideas from ordinary people change the world. I think we've all aimed, at one time or another, to change the world... even if it was back when we were six.

This is the part when you say "well, darlin' you just said you were reading a children's book." {wink} True and I openly admit it. But it's one of those morals that deserves repeating in adulthood. To remember to use our childlike imagination and to think bigger.

Maybe you have one big idea that you've been harboring for a while now. Or maybe you get ideas so often you keep a notebook in your pocket. Bottom line is, if you can imagine it, well then your idea is one step closer to existing in the world; existing apart from just being in your head. It becomes possible. It becomes tangible. Finally, it becomes real.


What about you? Do you keep a little notebook in your pocket for all those 'absurd' ideas? I do, well in the diaper bag really. Feel free to share with us one of your favorite quotes in the comments!