Silk Ribbons

Silk Ribbons

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Silk Ribbons

Luxurious hand torn silk ribbons you have to feel to believe. These gorgeous and silky soft ribbons are made from 100% silk habutea.

Silk ribbons are lightweight and float delicately in the slightest breeze making them ideal for photos. Our ribbons will elevate your floral arrangements, invitation suite, photo shoot or event. 

We eco dye our ribbons by hand using only materials found in nature: plants, berries, fruits, vegetables, etc. In fact, there are no harsh chemicals or manufactured dyes used in our process.

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Real silk is delicate. Eco dyed ribbons can fade especially when stored in sunlight or washed. So spot cleaning or airing out is recommended. Silk ribbons can be lightly ironed or steamed as needed.

HURRY! This exact batch of silk ribbons is extremely limited. We tested lots of dye concoctions to get these SIX wedding-perfect shades. Buy your spool before we run out of the ribbons from this batch!

Need a large batch of silk ribbons? We will be dyeing more ribbons once we sell out of these. Please inquire about discounts for multi spool orders or for stocking our spools in your flower shop or boutique.

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