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"Raleigh Calligraphy and The Delightful Details have teamed up to bring you ideas for setting the tone for your wedding through your stationery and wording. We are thrilled to have Lori with us to share her insider tips!" USING YOUR STATIONERY TO SET THE TONE OF YOUR WEDDING

As a guest, the first introduction to your wedding will be the wedding stationery. Who knew that a few words on pieces of paper would set the entire tone of your wedding? Your choice of wording, font and colors will tell your guests what to expect on your big day. First, let’s set the style you want for your wedding.


You may have been dreaming about this day your entire life – or not, and that’s ok too. Either way, you will need to choose a style for your wedding. As you begin to narrow down the details for the event, the style will be reflected in each element.

Staying consistent with this style in your wedding stationery is important. Your guests will look to your invitation as a clue of what to expect. To create that cohesive look carefully choose fonts, colors and paper to convey your wedding style. Think of this part of wedding planning as setting the brand for your special day.


Now that you’ve selected the visuals of your wedding stationery, make sure that your wording reflects the same tone. You wouldn’t want the wording of your invitations to be casual if you are planning a very traditional wedding. The standard invitation wording elements are:

  • Host(s)
  • Occasion to celebrate
  • Couple to marry
  • Date
  • Time
  • Location of Ceremony
  • Location of Reception
  • RSVP
  • Suggested Attire

Here are some example wedding invitation wordings based on each style.


Formal invitations typically spell out dates and times. The host of the wedding (traditionally the bride’s parents) is listed at the beginning of the invitation inviting guests to share in this special day.


The traditional invitation is very similar to a formal invitation, but some wording can be softened, like spelling out dates.


In recent wedding trends the bride and groom are the hosts or both parents are helping to pay for the wedding. The host section of the invitation changes to be more flexible. You’ll notice that much of the wording becomes more casual, particularly for dates and times. In this example, the ceremony and reception will take place in the same location.


For a more casual wedding, the couple can choose to be more fun in their wedding invitation wording. The reception is now a BBQ and lawn games, which gives guests a clear picture of what to expect. Many of the elements stay the same, but the tone is significantly more laid back.

Addressing the Envelope

I’m sure you’ve addressed an envelope many times before. But your wedding invitations require an extra touch of thoughtfulness. Before your guest reads the invitation, the outside of the envelope can speak volumes. Choose between formal or casual salutations based on your intended style. This easy chart will show you how to address your envelope according to style.



John Smith

Mr. John Smith

Jane Smith

Ms. Jane Smith

John and Jane Smith

Mr. and Mrs. John Smith

John Smith and Jane Jones

Mr. John Smith and Ms. Jane Jones

John Smith & Guest

Mr. John Smith & Guest

Jane Smith & Family

The Family of Jane Smith

Many older generation family members may be very attuned to proper addressing. Be cautious not to address someone incorrectly, particularly using the formal style. Emily Post [link to] is always a great resource for questions regarding unique salutations.

There are several options for addressing your envelopes. You can print them using your home computer, but getting the correct alignment can be tricky. I suggest ordering extra envelopes to test print several times. Another option is to hire a calligrapher, like Raleigh Calligraphy, to hand address your envelopes. This is a special added touch that will be noticed by your guests.

More Wedding Stationery

Your wedding stationery is more than just your invitation suite. The same colors, fonts and wording style should be used across your programs, escort cards, menu and signage for the day of your wedding. Repeat any design elements from your invitation suite across your stationery to create consistency. Calligraphy is another great option to incorporate a custom touch to your other wedding stationery.

The style you have created in your wedding stationery is just the beginning of beautiful elements for your wedding day. Enjoy choosing all of the delightful details along the way!



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