Typography A-Z: Creating Outside the Box!


Last month we kicked off a #letteringchallenge and it was a blast! If you followed along, then thanks for joining in the fun! If you missed it or just missed some of the letters, keep reading for a complete recap. Twenty-six days of lettering in styles ranging from copperplate calligraphy to modern brush lettering. The goal was to step outside my comfort zone and try new styles while also experimenting with different mediums.

Some letters were drawn with a dip pen and calligraphy inks others were drawn with my toddler's Crayola markers. {smile} I found myself writing on something other than my favorite paper (cotton linen) and doodled my way through paper bags, porcelain and even wood.


Some of which turned into brand new creations, like hand lettered coffee mugs and signs that are now available in my shop. {yay!}

It goes to show that when we step outside of our comfort zones we open ourselves up to a world of new possibilities and hopefully many great things to come.

(Want more? Click on an image to see all the new products in store!)

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