Celebrate Motherhood + Free Downloadable Art Print


Watercolor art: Phylogeny Art | Calligraphy: Raleigh Calligraphy & Design (This post was originally published on RC&D in 2016. With Mother's day around the corner, we thought it best to re-share this collab.)

"I exist in two places; here and where you are." -Margaret Atwood.

To me this is one of the best quotes to sum up parenthood. If you are a parent or a parent to be then this quote probably hits home. Once you become a parent so many things change. And one of the biggest changes: It's not just 'you' anymore. There's someone else that's a little part of you, a big part of your heart and likely the entirety of your world.

My little one is my everything, whether we are together or apart. And though I don't yet know the path of his stars, I do know that no matter where in the world his feet lead him, a part of me and my love will be with him.

Now maybe you don't have a son or daughter. Well, that's okay the quote still applies to you because you are someone's son or daughter. You are (or were) someone's little one. A mother's love - whether it's your's, your mother's, or your grandmother's - that love is unceasing and matters not about the distance between her and her child.

This art print is available for free download by a special collaboration with Phylogeny Art to help you celebrate mothers in your life this Mother's Day. Stephanie of Phylogeny Art hand painted her gorgeous tulips and paired it with my calligraphy of Margaret Atwood's beloved quote. To download your copy head to PhylogenyArt.com.