Gandhi Says Slow Down


This quote by Gandhi makes me think of the benefits of slowing down, putting away the to-do lists and just enjoying the moment at hand. Which is exactly what we've had the opportunity to do a few weeks back.

You see my toddler caught a nasty cold recently and he was kind enough to share it with me. We had restless, congested nights and sleepy, feverish days. We were a sight for sure.

I didn't want to slow down but I had to, so I pressed 'pause' on my business and focused on resting; with a heavy emphasis on cuddling together under blankets and sipping warm drinks. It was a rough week, but it was so good in a way that I won't forget.

Sometimes we think it's up to us to make the world go round, as if we alone hold up the walls of our homes like human pillars.

But let's just pretend the world won't end if we allow ourselves to  stop rushing around. Just think, what would happen if you didn't post anything on social media for days... weeks?

Really, what would happen?

If we give ourselves permission to forgo the things that seem so important, we may find we have more breathing room than we let ourselves believe. So let go a little, cut your obligations loose and take a deep breath... at least for the time being. Then, when you're ready I encourage you to reevaluate which things are worth stressing over.

Piles of work, piling up. (Credit: Raleigh Calligraphy & Design)

Piles of work, piling up. (Credit: Raleigh Calligraphy & Design)