Remember This When You're Feeling Ordinary


Have you every woke up and just felt... ordinary? Sometimes I feel ordinary. Just another mom slinging groceries in one arm and a toddler in the other. Then I look around at all the people; people coming and going. People, who also look ordinary. {sigh} The average looking guy sitting on a bench. The happy older couple holding hands in front of me. The plain woman getting on the bus. No, I'm not ordinary, I can't be. I force myself to think of reasons I am not ordinary. I think about what makes me... me.

I am a wife, a mother, a sister, a daughter; I am the owner, operator and creative force behind my on-a-whim startup, RC&D. I am a writer, a blogger, a think-outside-the-box-er. I am a calligrapher, a printer, a winemaking connoisseur. A lover of all things hopelessly romantic and a diehard supporter of my little family.

At this point, I feel a little better. I admit that though I may do ordinary things, that doesn't mean I'm ordinary. But then I remember all those other people I just labeled as ordinary. {hmm} I look closer at them and imagine their incredible stories- call it the writer in me. {wink}

I can now see the cane in the hand of the young man sitting on the bench. I wonder about the number  of tours he served for our country. I look once more at the couple and see the look of new found love in their eyes. I imagine they've each had a lifetime of adventure spent searching for each other. I look again at the woman climbing the stairs of the bus. I decide she must be returning from a mission trip to Istanbul and is eager to finally meet her newest grandson.

We all have a story. Maybe your story is just beginning. Maybe you've been writing your story for decades. The point is, we all have one and it's unique to us. We may start out as ordinary once upon a time, but the stories only get better as we get older.

I think all this over as I head for the car, trying not to drop anything. Then my toddler decides to pretend he's a puppy and barks the rest of the way to the car. And when we get there, he licks me on the cheek. Yep there's no such thing as ordinary. {wink}

The next time you meet someone, or even chance by a stranger, consider where they've been and all the things they've seen and done. Chances are their story is as complex and interesting as yours. What's something that makes you extra-ordinary? Think that one over today and if you're feeling extra bold, feel free to share with us in the comments.


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