Be Limitless


You are limitless. Just take a moment and let that sink in. {...}

There has never been a more perfect, more right moment to be you. There is no better version of you needed to accomplish exactly what today has in store. Robert Browning once said, "Our aspirations are our possibilities." And he was so very right.

In other words, if you want it bad enough, you can do it.

Maybe what you really want is to train for a triathlon, when you haven't exercised in years. Perhaps you aspire to be a concert worthy cellist, despite never having played. Maybe your aspirations have you ballroom dancing all over the dance floor at your wedding, even though waiting for Mr. Right has kept you from signing up for classes.

Well, I've found that back-burner ambitions only come to fruition once you start wanting them so bad it hurts. Then, little by little your 'wants' turn into 'needs' and your aspirations turn into possibilities. Now as long as you can get up... sign up... step up, then you really will be limitless. Start, believe and repeat when necessary. If you aspire to, you can tackle the seemingly impossible.

And if your aspirations are as big and bold as building an empire, be patient... Even Rome wasn't built in a day. So just remember, today you can do anything you aspire to do. Today you can be anyone you aspire to be. But honestly? I hope you decide to be you. Because you are perfect, and you are limitless.