The Only New Years Resolution You Really Need


Happy New Year! {YAY!} I am so excited for this year and all it has in store. The good, the bad, the challenging... bring it on. And to go along with yet another new year, is of course a new resolution. I don't know about you, but this year I am making only ONE resolution. No long lists. No scrambling to stay on target or unnecessary stress from over complicating things.  Oh no, my friends. {smile} This year I'm simplifying. So here it is. My new year's resolution is to embrace my potential.

That's it.

I can hear some of you saying, "wait a minute, what about starting a crash diet or a new daily exercise regiment or a commitment to recycle more. It's so vague, so simple... can you really do that?"

Sure. Why not? I'm the boss and it is my year after all. {wink}

Embrace Your Potential
Embrace your potential framed 1

And since the new year is finally here, there are a lot of exciting things in store for the blog. Like what? Oh, like interviews with real, bootstrapping entrepreneurs, guest bloggers, and some ultimate wedding tips. Not to mention more lovely hand lettering to inspire and sneak peaks in and around the new studio. And even a few surprises... Oh I'm so excited! {YAY!}

So be sure to check back for new posts or subscribe to our newsletter to stay connected. I'd love to hear your New Year Resolutions in the comments or any plans for the year that's got your heart singing! Not sure what make of the new year? You're more than welcome to adopt my resolution and make 2016, well awesome.


P.S. Love the way this piece looks in my studio! You can snag your own original print on Etsy and deck your walls with a little New Year glitz. {wink} (link in sidebar)