Coming to a Store Near You!


Hey y'all! It feels like a whirlwind has swept through the studio lately. Since the last time we talked, I mean really talked, {wink} about what's happening around the shop, there's been a few milestones that I want to share. First, RC&D (aka my sweet little business) is now an official seller on Etsy Wholesale. {yay!} Secondly, I've been picking up a lot of business and churning out orders just as fast as my hands will go. Lastly, I just revamped my website with awesome new pics and eCommerce from Square. Which I'm very, very excited about. Today I am working on rushing this order for a box set of 5 thank you cards. How many? Just one? Oh no, my friends. A whole case full and I couldn't be happier to rush and hurry for my newest stockist in... Vermont! I'll share more later about the stores that will be (or will soon be) stocking my products.

But all in all, it's been humbling. It's these sales - both large and small - that make my small business possible. So if you recently placed an order of a single card, a custom print, wedding calligraphy or a bulk wholesale order - thank YOU. You are officially as awesome as my blog readers. {wink} And if you are a business that wants to stock my premium paper products head over to Etsy Wholesale or drop me a line.

Thanks work in Progress

And now, I hope you'll understand that this post has to be short and sweet. There's so much work to be done on this order alone and it's not the only one. I do hate to cut this short, especially since I have so much more to share! But in keeping with my own advise to "push forward" and "get things done" I figured it was better to drop by and say "hi" on my blog than to leave y'all hanging. {smile}

But before I go, I was wondering if y'all would share with us your favorite spots to shop for great gifts. You may not know this, but I love reading your comments. Honestly? It just makes my day. So I'd love to know, where do you head when you need an awesome gift? My new favorite place is the Green Monkey in Raleigh, NC {hint.hint.}