A Toast: Here's to Life and Having Fun...


Remember when you were little and the world seemed so big and full of wonder? I'm reminded of this every time I watch my toddler encounter something new. Take for instance a butterfly fluttering by him. He stops. His eyes widen. He drops whatever he is doing (or holding) to stare intently at the new thing before him. I've seen so many butterflies I sometimes forget to look at all life's little details.

It's funny how finding wonder is something that seems to come so naturally to children. Yet for most of us who are powering through another day, it's almost hard to notice the details never mind take the time to marvel at them. It's easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of our very busy lives. All those emails filling up our inboxes, phone notifications flashing, our to-do lists get longer and the days get shorter. {sigh}

Enter autopilot. Sure, we all have things to do and places to go, but sometimes we get caught up in the tasks and errands and to-dos that we get into a routine. The autopilot routine. And sooner or later we're just going through the motions... Wake up. Go to work. Get home. Go to Bed. Repeat. Well my friends, things are only as important as you make them.

So on that note, I propose a toast. Yes, I know it's early. And the beginning of the work week. But if there's a rule against champagne for breakfast or seizing a Monday, that nonsense ends now. {wink} So let's raise our glasses!

"Here's to remembering to smell the roses

And to knowing you catch more bees with honey.

To always being young enough to be mischievous

And old enough to get away with it. {smile}

Here's to breaking the rules we make for ourselves

And to enjoying every bit of the journey.

To hoping these good times last forever

But praying forever doesn't come to quick..."


Happy Monday Y'all. Knock 'em dead! Speaking of which, I'm dying to know: where do you find inspiration? For me, it's fresh cut flowers, a walk down the art isle or sitting alone on a park swing. Care to share with us some of the things that inspire you?