New Location. New Products. New Prospective


And... we're in! Friday was our first night in our new home just south of the city. We've officially spent this last week buried under boxes, which is why you haven't had much to read on the blog lately. {thanks for understanding!} And though we are still swimming in a sea of boxes, life is slowly starting to get back to normal. {smile} I'm sure most of y'all have moved once or twice. So you already know, moving can be overwhelming to say the least. But once it's all said and done, it's worth all the hard work and headache. We're already seeing the light at the end of the tunnel... Our little one is loving the new backyard, the hubby is eyeing the best spot for a new grill, and me? Well, I'm just thrilled to have a home studio that is bigger than my kitchen table. {wink}

Raleigh Calligraphy

In fact, let me share with you my very last product made at that kitchen table and the very first one made in the new studio: hand lettered note cards. I've been working on these 'hello' and 'thanks' note cards over the past few weeks and I love them! I hand cut and fold the ivory card stock, hand letter every single card, pair with a brown craft envelope and voila! Seriously I may be having too much fun making these cards with my blue pumpkin dip pen. Oh and did I mention they come packaged in a brown box? How fitting! {wink}

I know what y'all are probably thinking... "LOVE the cards darlin' but where are all the other pics!" Not to worry. {smile} You'll have more photos once we say adios to our cardboard castle and say hello to our new fully functional home. Now that may be a little while but until then I'll just say this: It's intriguing the new insights you gain from a change of scenery.

Some change is good. Especially when your feeling "stuck". It's midday on a Wednesday and who knows, maybe you're feeling a bit "stuck". If this sounds familiar, I highly recommend a change of scenery. Now of course you don't have to up and move your home! Instead try going somewhere different. When I first move to Raleigh, one of my favorite places to go was the North Carolina Arboretum. I could sit and read in the shade of a big tree or a gazebo. I don't make it there much anymore since my munchkin wants to pick all the flowers! But if you're in the area it's a beautiful place to just be alone and think. Too far of a drive? Find a local park and have a picnic or grab a good book and try a new coffee shop.

NC Arborietum

The North Carolina Arboretum

Little changes help to break up the mundane and can do wonders for both you and your outlook. We've been at the new place less than a week and I already have a new prospective on life and the future of RC&D. Great big things that I can't share just yet, but check back or subscribe to stay in the loop. {buzz kill I know. Sorry y'all!} But what I can say is there's something in the works and it's all for you.

I'd love to know! Where do you like to go when you need a change of scenery? Feel free to share with us in the comments.