Three words to sum up life...


You know that friend at the party who tells that totally crazy story that couldn't possibly be true? Yep, that's me. Hi, my name's Tiffany Anne and I seem to be a magnet for disaster. Well, either that or my husband is. {wink} Take for instance the time we moved to the great state of North Carolina... The hubby and I had quit our jobs, packed up the cars and on Friday night at 9 o'clock we were ready to hit the open road. And that's when we realized we forgot to pick up the wedding tux from the tailor. {awkward pause?} Stay with me I'll explain.

You see we planned it just perfectly to allow us enough time to drive from New England to North Carolina. Then leave the cars, hop in a rental and drive to Florida to be at a wedding for Monday. (we'd worry about unpacking when we got back from the 5 day reception cruise) In theory it should have worked. Unless you forget to pickup the chocolate colored designer tux that was being altered at the tailor. And since my husband was the best man, there was no way we could leave without it. {sigh}

So we spent our last night in our first apartment on the floor of our empty living room. Well fast forward to just outside of Baltimore, when our transmission blew in a really, very bad area. Fortunately, the cops were already there. Why? Well the president of the United States would soon be driving past. This is where you say, 'I don't believe it' and I start to loose some of you. Hang in there I'm not done yet.

Anyway we finally got the car running shortly after that ordeal. And since the police officers were leaving anyway they offered to follow us, caravan style with lights flashing. {Yay!}

Well not exactly. We would break down once more, get towed to a Dodge dealership in VA, have to leave the jam packed pickup truck parked in their lot and pray none of our belongings went missing. We squeezed into the other car and kept on 'truckin'. But wait, a deer! Dead in the road well before we got there but, unfortunately still ended up all over our car. There was no avoiding it. {gag}

And then we finally made it to North Carolina.

But what about the wedding? Well, there wasn't enough time now to drive to Florida to be at the dock before the ship set sail. So we hopped a last minute flight and made it with plenty of time. It was lovely. In the end it all worked out and although it poured in VA damaging most of our belongings, nothing was missing. {sigh}

And that brings me to the quote by Robert Frost that sums up this and most of my stories. He said, "In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: It goes on."

And if you have a hard time believing even half of this story, I won't take it personally. {smile} What quote do you want to see hand lettered next week? Share your favorite inspirational quote in the comments for a chance to win an original hand lettered print from the blog!