Maker's Markets and Making a Move


It's only Wednesday and boy has this week been a full one. You see, it's wedding season which means I have a tall stack of orders to fill piling up in the studio. But since you've already patiently listened to me tell you all about hand lettering envelopes for the last 2 weeks, I won't push it. {wink} Moving on... over the past few weeks, RC&D has been invited to show at a number of local events, and we are so grateful. {Thank you!} Which means of course, doing a bit of research and pouring over these applications. One of the many great things about North Carolina are the many opportunities for startups and handmade businesses to get in front of large crowds. If I could attend them all I would, but nap-times just aren't that long. {smile} And I do my very best to not let my creative business interfere with family time. (Because hey, what good is having the freedom of owning your own business if it consumes you?) I hope you'll check back over the coming weeks to find out which markets I'll be at!

Pressed Petal Note Cards by Raleigh Calligraphy & Design

Moving on still... and, well, literally because we are moving! No worries, we're not moving far. Just a bit further outside of the city. We're trading our cozy, but conveniently located home for larger place with a backyard for the little ones (child + small dog). We've been updating and renovating and as of yesterday, oh glorious yesterday, we started moving in! But since the floors are not completely finished, we've only been able to move a few, practical things in. Baby steps. {smile}

The house was in good shape so thankfully no major remodeling was needed. In fact, it was move in ready to start, but really needed floors and paint. Since we have a bulldozer-of-a-toddler, we decided it made more sense to put in a little "sweat equity" while the place was empty. You know, to decrease the number of ER trips and re-dos (...I can just see the paint spilling all over the new floors, yikes!).

Next week I'll post some of the before and after photos. You won't believe what color some of those walls were!

What about y'all? Is anyone else in the process of a move? Or maybe gearing up for some fun home projects like updating an old dresser or adding that herb garden you've always wanted? I'd love to hear about it in the comments!