This Week in My Studio: Hand Lettering Letterpress Envelopes


This week I'm unwrapping a box of letterpress envelopes by Stationary Works. These envelopes are for a local wedding of a lovely couple in Cary, North Carolina. The box of stationary arrived late last week and the first thing I noticed was how the envelopes were bundled and wrapped up like little presents. It's hard not to smile when you start your day by opening half a dozen little presents... Yes, I know they're not really presents and they're not actually for me. But you may remember me mentioning I have a toddler for an assistant. And playing with tissue paper for a toddler is almost as much fun as watching him. {smile}


DSCN3697 with font

Anyway, the box was full of matching cream colored, inner and outer envelopes. These envelopes will be individually hand lettered in my Rose Script, a traditional chancery calligraphy with my very own twist. And it's a big hit, too. In fact, this script is my 'standard' font and most popular for weddings.

When you book your calligrapher for an event ask to see her font styles. And don't be shy to show her examples of calligraphy that match your personal style. Hand lettering is an art, meaning it can often be 'tweaked' to produce even more variations. And keep in mind it's never too early to contact a calligrapher for your big day. {wink}

Hope you're in the middle of a lovely week! Whether you're a bride-to-be or a creative at heart, I'd love to hear from you. What topics would you like to see covered on the blog?