Home Studio Tour


Come on in and let me show you around! Our little home sits on the Raleigh/Cary boarder in the central part of North Carolina. For those of you who've never been to the area, it's a BEAUtiful place with sun-shiny weather most of the year. I've traveled a bit and lived in a handful of different places, but honestly? I'm smitten with the Carolinas. Welcome to my home studio! You may notice my studio space is about as modest as can be, as in it's also know throughout the day as my kitchen table. Most of the day my supplies are tucked "neatly" away in a corner cabinet. But once my little munchkin falls asleep, that table transforms into my creative space. Before long there are papers and nibs and pressed petals all over that table and I become completely enthralled in my process. Oh yes, even though it's a large table, my work has been know to mysteriously spread out across the floor from time to time. {smile}

Kitchen Table

I don't know about you, but once I start a creative project, I have a hard time turning off my brain and putting down the pen (or paintbrush or whatever crazy thing is actually in my hand when I realize it's 1 o'clock in the morning!). Has that ever happened to you? Thought so... you seem like the creative type. I suppose there really is a fine line between passion and obsession. {sigh}

For me that passion is writing. I write stories for fun and I'm also a calligrapher. I run a sweet little business that allows me to channel some of my creative chaos for good. {wink} I create primarily paper products and work with brides to hand letter items for their weddings. This week I'm working on my line of pressed petal flowers and the launching of this blog. I am so excited about the new bouquets that are finally pressed and ready to go! Here are the note cards I made using light pink rose petals and cotton linen paper. One of the best things about using real flowers is that every card turns out unique. I recently started using a heavy weight cotton linen paper for both the cards and the envelopes and... well, I'm in love. What do you think?



It's important for me to create. every. single. day. That's one of my objectives I set from the time I wake, knowing of course that it won't be attempted until night or naptime. But that's ok. And sure enough, there are days too jam packed of must-do's that it's impossible to squeeze in any extra time. And that's ok, too. I'll set out again tomorrow with the same objectives and little by little I'll finish a project... in theory {smile}

Thanks for taking the time to get to know more about me and the space I create in. I'd love to learn more about you, too! In the comments feel free to say "hey there!" and share where your creative space is. After that, I hope you'll stay awhile and look around! If you just love this blog check back M/W/F for new posts or subscribe to the newsletter.