Hello world!


Welcome to my Brand. New. Blog. about life, running a creative business and the many things that inspire me! I am so excited you're here! My name is Tiffany Anne and I should start by saying, I love all things creative. Painting, drawing, writing, crafting; trying something new and creative is so exciting to me, even though it usually means making a huge mess that looks like an art tornado hit. Devastating. Yet so rewarding. Trying my hand at calligraphy had always been on my creative bucket list, and two years ago I pick up a nib pen. In 2014, my husband and I welcomed our first baby into the world and I left my job to stay at home. Since I had some time to spare (naptime to be precise) I used my calligraphy skills to help out with a wedding. Then I did another wedding, and eventually referral requests started rolling in. My creative hobby unexpectedly turned into a little business and Raleigh Calligraphy & Design (RC&D) was born.

I am thrilled to say my business is gaining momentum and I am (finally) at the point where I can Blog! Navigating to this point has been a challenge and I’m still working out the kinks. Thanks for your patience! This blog will showcase all things inspirational, from the colorful finds in downtown to uplifting quotes in my hand lettering just for the sake of brightening your day. Ultimately, you’ll be entertained with this lifestyle blog about me, a woman who’s trying to run a creative business and a chaotic household without loosing her sense of self. So grab your mug, pull up a chair and let’s inspire each other.
FYI, this intro post will be set as my personal ABOUT page... just wanted to spare you from reading it twice. {wink}